Board of Directors

Board of Directors
President – Barbara Beaven
Vice President – Nancy Arterburn
Treasurer – Blake Lackey
Secretary – Melissa Muha

The Legends at Geist Homeowners Association has put into place four active committees that will help us achieve the goals necessary to keep our neighborhoods looking great!  These committees will help to:  manage vendor contracts; increase productivity of planned projects; increase communication with the homeowners; and continue to uphold the integrity and value of our homes.

Architectural Control Committee

Chairperson Ken Carlson; Members:  Jeanie Kirincich and Blake Lackey
Responsibilities:  To oversee the guidelines which establish the standards of design for the communities within The Legends at Geist.  They will review all improvement requests and vote on the disposition.

Rules and Regulations Commitee

Chairperson Ken Carlson;  Members:  Barbara Beaven, Melissa Muha, Dan Kelly and Jim Smith
Responsibilities:  To examine and review our Legends At Geist Code of Covenants.  Working to ensure those covenants are upheld.

Grounds and Landscaping Committee
Chairperson Barbara Beaven (Sawgrass/Haig Point);  Members:  Blake Lackey (Quaker Ridge),  Lisa Duermit (Spyglass Hill), Melissa Muha (Sawgrass/Haig Point)
Responsibilities:  To monitor and manage all duties associated with landscaping, lighting, replacement of signs, mailboxes, ponds, etc.  They will also manage the vendor contracts for these functions.

Communications Committee

Chairperson Nancy Arterburn; Members: Dan Kelly,  Lisa Duermit and Jeanie Kirincich
Responsibilities:  Communicating information relative to our properties that might be helpful through the newsletter, annual meetings, and possible future Website.